Time to Say Good-bye

So, it is time to say good-bye. I started this blog out of my love of fashion and that love is still there but I need to focus my attention on my business. To those of you who follow his blog you know I have a business called Patio Fashions and I also write a blog for that. The business is slowly growing and in order to keep it growing I need to put my energy and time into the business; which means something else has to give.

Thank you for following and please take a look at the Patio Fashions blog called The Fork and Table, it’s about great food, entertaining and fun!

Good-bye and I wish you all well. And in the words of Coco Chanel “Keep you heels, head and standards high”.


A Guy’s Valentine

Another Valentine’s Day post, this time about what to get the guy in your life. And again, it doesn’t  have to be a love interest, it can be your brother, an uncle, your Dad or even a guy friend-just someone you care about and want to them to know. Guys are simple beings so no need to go crazy, just think about what he likes to do, eat or drink and you’ve got it! Here are a few suggestions and I know that my husband would love every one of these.

T-Shirt from their favorite eating spot or drinking place.

Go with your guy to a movie of his choice, grin and bare it, you never know but you might like it!

Make his favorite cookies or brownies, who doesn’t love homemade?!

Does he love a good cigar, even if you don’t? Get him some of his favorites and let him indulge.

Is he golf lover? Surprise him and bring him to the driving range and hit a few balls or if you’re not a fan give him a gift certificate so he can go with his buddies.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.03.36 PM.png Wishing you and yours, a very happy Valentine’s Day!

*T-shirt photo courtesy of Pappy and Company, a website of great gift items centered around the families love of Kentucky Bourbon.

Will you be my Valentine?

I know some people don’t like Valentine’s Day, they think it’s too commercial or they don’t have a special someone. Well, I do like Valentine’s Day, just like everything else, it is what you make of it. For me it’s about my family and friends, nieces, nephews, Godchildren and of course my husband. I love to send Valentine cards with my name spelled backwards or in numbers and sometimes I put a little treat in with it. I have always sent my Mom a Valentine-I usually send her one that would come from a child, something that is cute and funny. She loves it. So here are some of my favorite places for Valentine’s Day cards and gifts, check them out and maybe if you are one of those who isn’t a fan…you will be!

Minted-An amazing on-line community of independent designers and artists that have created beautiful invitations for all occasions, artwork and prints. And for Valentine’s Day they have classroom Valentine’s, custom Valentine’s and unique gift ideas. I love the idea of their customized Valentine cards, especially if you didn’t get a chance to do a Christmas card.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.12.22 PM.png

Viv & Ingrid-A dynamic duo of creative women that design beautiful jewelry. They have great pieces for a friend, a mom, a sister, niece or Godchild. The earrings come in adorable fabric pouches or on printed keepsake cards. They have a shop in Oxford Hall in Berkeley, California or you can order on-line.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.13.15 PM.png

So Vintage Chic-An Etsy Shop out of Seattle that sells beautiful, handmade linen pillows and tea towels. For Valentine’s Day they have the cutest pillows and they don’t just have to be used for Valentine’s Day, they can stay out all year round.


I hope I have given some of you a great idea or two for this Valentine’s Day for a loved one or maybe even a little something for you!

*I was not compensated for any of this, these are truly some of my favorite places to shop.



2015-The Year of New

My year-in-review post is a little late this year but it is still January so I figure I’m good. 2015 was an interesting year for me; I did several things that I had always wanted to do but just didn’t and I am so glad that I did.

Volunteer: I love animals, all of them (except rodents, true phobia). My husband is also an animal lover. We have our dog Maggie, 2 cats-Squeaks and Bugger and 2 rabbits-Thumper and Harvey. We got our rabbits last year from a farm sanctuary that rescues farm animals and when we went to pick them up I fell in love with the whole place! I have dreamed of helping out somewhere but just never did anything about it, so now was the time and I have been volunteering there about once a month since then.  My husband joins me when he can and built a goose shelter and a peacock shelter for them. I love every minute of it even though most of my time there is spent shoveling poop.


Became a vegetarian: This of course is a direct result of volunteering at the farm sanctuary. In the past two years we have become very aware of the meat industry, we  stopped buying factory farmed meat and started buying our meat from a local farmer who raises his animals with care and compassion. But after the first day at the sanctuary and meeting the sweet animals that have been saved from slaughter and other horrible situations, my husband and I both decided to stop eating meat. I never thought in a million years that he would stop eating meat, after all his favorite meal was a big, thick steak barely cooked. Neither one of us miss it at all.


Growing a garden: We have always grown tomatoes in a planter and sometimes some herbs, this past summer I said “Let’s have a real garden honey.” We do after all live in the Garden State. I asked him to help me create a garden bed with a fence, just something small, to keep the critters out. Well, my husband doesn’t do anything half-ass. He built me a gorgeous, fenced in raised garden with a gate. He also said that it was my responsibility to maintain it, he didn’t want to be involved. Let me tell you how rewarding it is to see the plants grow, to pick the veggies and then you get to eat them! And yes, my husband loved it too. This year it will be even better!


2015 was a great year for new things and here’s hoping that 2016 will bring more of the same. We are planning our first trip to Paris together and we are renovating our house so I’d say that’s a good start. Cheers to everyone for a great year and to trying new things!


Golden Globes in Review

Last night were the Golden Globe awards and as usual my interest in them was purely about the fashion. There was lots of sparkle, shine and color. I love that the gowns were feminine and pretty and that there wasn’t anything too kooky. I feel like all these lovely, talented ladies really hit the mark and no one was overdone or tried too hard. Here are my picks and in no particular order, it really was hard to chose…there were so many gorgeous looks.


Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton. I absolutely love this look! Simple and super feminine with the little ruffle; the simplicity carried through in her hair, make-up and jewelry is perfection.


Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. Gorgeous in red, clean lines and again simple hair, make-up and jewels-just right!


Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture. One Word: STUNNING!


Kate Bosworth in Dolce & Gabbana. Wow! I would love to wear this fabulous pink, sparkly gown. Elegant but with a sense of fun.


Sarah Hay in Marchesa. Glamorous and soft, she looks almost ethereal. And I love the color with her hair and skin color-a perfect match.


Olivia Palermo in Delpozo. Leave it to Olivia to make this dress into a Red Carpet worthy look; unexpected for sure but looks amazing. She never disappoints.

* I would say my only thumbs down was Katie Perry, sorry Katie but that Elvira hair just didn’t do it and the dress looked a bit sloppy.



Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year (for the most part) so here is my list; a little bit of Gucci, a little bit of Fendi, some Edie Parker, jewels by Irene Neuwirth and of course, Miu Miu.

I have a thing for sparkly shoes. One can never have too many pairs of sparkly shoes. So I will be waiting patiently. I can’t wait to see what you bring!Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 1.35.56 PM

Selfies: Are they really?

A lot is being said these days about social media and how fake and unrealistic it is. A young woman named Essena O’Neill sparked the conversation when she decided to “quit” social media, claiming that it was ruining her life and that she relied on how many “likes” she got on her photos to feel good about herself. She had built quite a social media empire with thousands of followers. She says she would take hours for one  photo; that she would use several photo editing apps to edit the photos to make them look better. She also says she used unhealthy means to stay thin. At only 18 years old this is very sad to me that she got so caught up and felt the need to appear perfect. (What I would like to know is where were her parents when she was taking hours to take the perfect photo?)

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.04.02 PM

Social media is supposed to be fun, to share moments of your life with friends and sometimes strangers alike. And who wants to post a selfie when your face is broken out and your bloated and tired? with the caption “Just want to eat chocolate and drink wine”. No one. Of course you want people to see the best side of you. Social media is not just for personal use, it is a fantastic business tool and a great way to promote awareness for all kinds of causes.

My very selfie that I posted on Instagram

My very first selfie that I posted on Instagram, blue tongue and all.

I personally love social media. I do see both the good and the bad but overall I see social media as good. I get to see pictures of friends and family that are far away. I get to connect with celebrities and get a glimpse of their life that I would not otherwise get to see. And if they actually respond to or like a comment or post that I made, I’m not going to lie, it makes my day! For my business it helps me to connect with people in the industry and promote my product.

Good for business

Good for business

I just think that like everything in life, buyer beware. You have to know that photos will be enhanced and even edited. I’ve been known to take more than one or two selfies to get the “perfect” shot but I do not edit them or take hours to get the perfect photo. Have fun with social media, don’t take it too seriously and remember to put that phone down and talk to your friends and family; life is short.

A selfie before selfies became selfies, me and my husband in Yellowstone Park several years ago...and look Mom, no makeup!

A selfie before selfies became selfies, me and my husband in Yellowstone Park several years ago…and look Mom, no makeup!

Designer Discovery

While reading the November issue of Vogue I came across 2015’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalists and one in particular stood out and made me take notice, Chris Gelinas. Originally from Canada, he now resides in New York City and has created the womenswear line CG. His designs are retro, almost vintage looking but updated and modern. The colors and patterns are just beautiful. “It’s taking the idea of delicateness and positioning it as strength” says Gelinas. The dress that was shown in article is something I must have for my upcoming trip to Paris, it is absolutely calling my name! And the fact that the model is wearing a beret….need I say more.


Talking about his line Gelinas says “I want the label to be something you have to seek out-I want you to feel like you’re finding a prize”, which I love.  In today’s world where everything is so commercial and high end designers are selling out and going low brow, I am glad to see that he wants his clothes to be special, because they are.


Gelanis graduated from Parsons School of Design and worked at some of the industry’s most acclaimed fashion houses such as Proenza Schouler, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga. He supports the local industry by creating and producing most of his collection right here in New York City. (One more reason to love him.) Check out his website and see what you think www.chrisgelinas.com 

*Quotes and photos courtesy of Vogue

My 3 Pickz!

Winter is upon us, so here are a 3 things that make it a bit more bearable!

I. Smith’s Rosebud Balm, it’s been around since 1895. I’ve seen this on lots of “best of” lists and celebrities touting it’s wonderful properties, so while on line at Anthropologie I grabbed a tube. I like it…alot. It definitely moisturizes and it has a nice light feel. It gives just a hint of color and can be used alone or over lipstick for shine. And according to their website it is healing, can be used to take off eye make-up, as cuticle softener and even to help smooth out frizzy hair, who knew?!

Single tube-1

II.Viv & Ingrid ‘s Intial Necklace, a beautifully delicate script initial. I have had this necklace for 10 years and have worn it almost everyday. It’s just the right size and I love the pretty font. I wear it alone or layer with other necklaces. I never forget that my name begins with a “C” and it makes a great gift, especially with the holidays coming!


III. LAFCO Candles, scented candles to make your home smell wonderful. These candles are named for a room or a home and have amazing scents. I received one as a gift and fell in love. The company also makes soaps, lotions and diffusers that are equally as wonderful.




Call me Old Fashioned…

Or call me crazy. There are “rules” about clothing; when to wear, where to wear, how to wear and what to wear and many of them over recent years have been tossed out. Anything goes. Now I think that’s great, throw caution to the wind and wear what you want. But the truth is, there are certain “rules” that I just can’t toss aside.

The first one is when, as in seasonal. Every fall as the weather starts to turn cold it’s time to put away the linen, the sandals and floral print cotton dresses. White jeans can stay. The other day I saw a woman in a Hawaiian print jersey dress, strappy sandals and a sweatshirt type sweater (the sweatshirt thing is whole other thing). Really? Granted it was warm for November but I just think those should be put away till next year, there are plenty of transitional clothes she could have worn.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 6.53.46 PM

The second is where, as in to work or to play. I’m not a fan of a sparkly top at work or lots of cleavage, unless of course you are dancer or a model. I’m also not of fan of slippers or sweats at work, those are for playtime or relaxing. I have seen both of these in the workplace, I don’t need to see your boobs and just because the your slippers have a sole doesn’t mean you can wear them to work.

The third is what, as in what to wear in public. This is my biggest clothing pet peeve, leggings. I get it, they are super comfy and fit all shapes and sizes….or so some think. I don’t want to look at your a** in skin-tight pants (I use the term pants lightly) that are so tight and stretched that I can see not only that you are wearing a thong but I can see what brand. And thick tights, by the way, are not leggings! If one insists on wearing leggings the least one can do for her fellow-man is wear a top that is long enough to cover her a**.

So I’m sure some of you will disagree but that’s what makes the world go ’round and people watching so much fun!